Raspie Co. wants to give new ideas a chance. We all know that most ideas never get developed for various reasons and we want to change that and so we invite you to be a part of it. While we entertain you with the coolest reality-tv, you also play a vital role in giving creative people a chance to turn their ideas into a reality.

From concept to final product

This is what we offer to our subscribers:

  • Premium content: You will be able to watch how ideas come to life and all the fun that comes with it! A reality TV show, online and you get to sit on the first row!
  • Get involved! Often creators want feedback and who better to ask than you! You get a say in the future products.
  • Early and limited edition access to the newest product releases. Before the products are released to the general public, our supporters (you!) will be given early access to those very products in a limited edition release! Nobody else will ever have access to these limited editions. EVER!
  • Discounts!!! A minimum of 30% discount on the products we release.
  • The warm fuzzy happy feeling knowing that you helped some really cool people who otherwise never got a chance to turn their dream into a reality. (and you get to see it all happen real time!)

And we offer all this to you for just $5/month.