As a premium member you get to sit on the front row and watch all the fun stuff we do on daily basis. And ALL DAY LONG if you’d like to! Since there is going to be so much going on at “The Life at Raspie” we decided to split it up in different channels to enable you to choose the categories you prefer or simply switch between them as you see fit.

The Raspie R&D room

To bring an idea to life and turn it into a product and eventually into a fully operational business there is a lot that needs to happen! From design, planning, prototyping, to testing and eventually production and product releases there will be a lot of fun to be had. You can watch it all happen in real time as it happens. There will be times we even get you involved and ask for your feedback!

The Raspie Renovation Channel

We intend to move into an existing building, and renovate it and upgrade it to the coolest and most modern smart building in the world. From design, to renovation all the way to turning it into a smart building we are certain this will be a lot of fun to watch.

The Raspie Roadshow

We want to give ideas a chance but we do understand that not everyone has the means to come to us and pitch their idea. No problem at all! Soon we will be somewhere near you and you will get to introduce your idea to us and our both real-life and online audience! Who knows? We might even get our very own buzzer! *wink wink*

The Raspie News Room

With 100 different people or groups working on 100 different ideas, while we are turning an ordinary building into the coolest smartbuilding in the world, you can imagine we have a lot of news to bring all the time. So we decided to create our very own newsroom!

Raspie Residential Channel

Noble Hall

The goal is to have about 100 people or groups with a cool idea living at the Raspie Residence. Are you curious what that looks like? So are we!!! Join and find out!

One subscription, $5/month, access to everything!